By Joubert Galpin Searle Associate - John Paul Fraser


The hype about the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) has sparked a frenzy of information about compliance and the dangers of non-compliance.

In light of all of this bombarding of information and tips on how to ensure that you are ready for the deadline compliance date of 1 July 2021, we feel it is important not to get sidetracked and focus on what needs to happen now, rather than later.

Did you know that even before 1 July 2021, an Information Officer was required to be registered with the Information Regulator by 31 March 2021?

Well, even if you did not, we have good news. The Information Regulator has not made the platform available where one needs to register your Information Officer. You therefore still have time to do so!

If there is one thing that we can say about POPI, it is that its developments need to monitored closely to avoid missing any other deadlines.

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