Our goal in recruitment is to attract and retain vibrant, innovative people who possess the skills and talent to lead and manage Joubert Galpin Searle Galpin Searle into the future.

The quest for high-performance achievement and the pursuit of excellence is in every facet of our business and this drives down to who we are, we matter when it matters.

The organisational culture of Joubert Galpin Searle is shaped by empowered and inspired professionals who demonstrate a deep belief in the values of the organisation. A culture which promotes unity of purpose among all employees, ensuring our continued success. A culture, which empowers our people and enables them to unlock their full potential through a process of:

  • personal development,
  • continuous learning, and
  • self mastery.

At Joubert Galpin Searle, we take pride in our reputation for integrity, commitment, trust, respect and ambition.

We embrace Employment Equity and firmly believe that this will ultimately allow us to tap into the unique skills that every person has to offer.


Our Candidate Development Programme mainly focuses on self-accountability under mentorship of the Directors. This allows professionals to embark on a journey of learning that is flexible and customised and that truly drives them as well as meets the reality of our business.

The Candidate Development Programme is unique and results orientated, ensuring that the successful candidates are candidates who matter when it matters.


Our performance management system is based on sound guiding principles and is benchmarked against best business principles in terms of objectivity, transparency and integrity. Developed in-house with the assistance of consultants it motivates behaviour in our staff which is focused on service delivery to our clients.

The guiding principles of our performance management system is on objective, sound business principles.